About Tobago

Welcome to Paradise! Unspoiled beaches, friendly people, relaxation. It is easy to be sucked in by the laid-back atmosphere, and Tobago is the perfect place for that. 

Located just a few miles off the coast of South America, this tropical island boasts the oldest protected rainforest in the western hemisphere and has been described as a tropical bird watchers paradise with over 460 different species of neo-tropical birds, with avian spectacles at every turn.

Don’t let Tobago’s small island image fool you. This unique island boasts endless tropical shorelines with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. This unspoiled paradise has more to offer that just beaches. Tobago’s mountainous northern ridge hosts some of the most incredible waterfalls and rock lined pools in the southern Caribbean. If diving is your thing, prepare to be amazed by world class dive sites filled with endless reefs, tropical coral and magnificent marine life.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Prepare to be amazed not only by this tropical paradise but by the colourful culture and the warmth of its people. All this coupled with magnificent restaurants, golf courses, shopping and activities, makes Tobago a destination not only for people who want to relax but those who want to fill their holiday with good times and memories.

The name “Tobago” is a corruption of “tobacco” which was what the native Amerindians called the pipes they used to smoke the leaf that grew in abundance on the island. Of course, due to a misunderstanding, that leaf came to be known as tobacco by the Europeans.

Tobago was considered to be one of the Caribbean’s prize gems. Fought over on many occasions, it was owned at various times by the Spanish, the Courlanders, Dutch, British and French. Today, it doesn’t take long for visitors to the island to see why it drew such a crowd. Who could resist the splendour of its lush rain forest, sapphire blue waters and soft sandy beaches?

Tobago has inspired many including the writer Daniel Defoe who based his epic novel “Robinson Crusoe” here. In more recent times, Walt Disney filmed the classic “Swiss Family Robinson” on the island. There’s also a thriving amount of folklore, including various accounts of mermaids which, according to some, have been sighted up to this day… So keep your eyes open!

The island of Tobago (population 50,000 persons) is a small economy. At present, however rapid expansion is on the cards over the next seven to fifteen years. This expansion is expected to be focused primarily in the areas of tourism and its satellite industries. Tobago has been very dependent on Trinidad for its existence but with trade liberalization and a growing economy, business is looking to spread its attentions further afield.

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For more information about the islands of Trinidad & Tobago, have a look at the TIDCO site at www.tidco.co.tt